Whether it’s composing a persuasive grant application or writing a feature story about a captivating person or firm, the heart of the matter lies in a compelling narrative – and supporting materials when needed – that captures the reader. I am an award-winning feature writer and editor, a generalist with a particular focus on architecture, style, sustainable building, health & wellness, and waterfront life. 

Cape Cod and the Islands and the Northeastern US are my home territory and a particular focus in my work. In grant work, I compose grant applications and letters of inquiry and conduct research on your best funding prospects. I have strong experience and a proven track record in both areas of expertise.

Feature Writing

  • Architecture & Style
  • Green Building/Sustainability
  • Waterfront Life 
  • Health & Wellness
  • Family & Food
  • Cape Cod & the Islands

Grant Work

  • Researching Funders
  • Grant Applications
  • Grant Work Starter Packet: Boilerplate grant 
    application, plus list of best funding possibilities

Featured Projects



Divine Intervention

Other Projects

Rooted In History

Feature Story for New Old House

Brochure for Nonprofit Foundation.jpg

Brochure for a Nonprofit Foundation

Understanding Cape Cod


Journalism/Community Service

  • Benjamin Fine Award: National award for section on troubled teens (other winners were The Wall Street Journal and The Boston Globe) 
  • New England Press Association: First Place Award for section on homeless
  • New England Press Association: Second Place, for section on teens
  • Ottaway Editors: Community Involvement Award for section on children and the environment
  • New England Press Association: Community Involvement Award
  • Ottaway Editors: Community Service Award for newsroom liaison support

Grant Writing/Research Experience

  • Grants management for a healthcare nonprofit organization
  • Long-term contracting positions with a marine biological institution and private university
  • Other experience in arts, community development, and social services


Reach out anytime at marygrau@comcast.net. I'd love to hear from you.